Government to introduce business clinics for unemployed youth

Friday February 21 2014



The Ministry of Gender, in collaboration with UNICEF Uganda will establish entrepreneurial training centres (business clinics) in four districts to be used to educate and equip youth with basic knowledge.

This will happen after the two organisations have undertaken a study to assess the impact of credit counselling on entrepreneurial behaviour of Ugandan youth.

Mr Kyateka Mondo, the assistant commissioner, said outcomes of the research will shape current debate and inform policy makers and implementers on how to improve the implementation of the various existing and new interventions.

“Government has taken a number of programmes such as the youth venture capital fund and the youth enterprise scheme. But it has been noted that the response of youth to most of these programmes has not been very encouraging and therefore the unemployment issue continues to persist,” Mr Mondo said while giving a keynote speech, Tuesday in Kampala.

According to the Partnership for Economic Policy press statement, the study seeks to examine the effects of risk aversion on subsequent demand for credit among youth and the impact of credit counselling on borrowing choices of young people in Uganda.


The proposed interventions will involve delivering credit counselling through specialized business clinics involving youths aged 18 to 35 years who currently own a business and are interested in applying for business expansion credit through government’s established schemes.