More people using solar

Thursday December 21 2017

By Derrick Wandera


An internal survey conducted by the field staff of Sun King from Greenlight Plant indicates that 75 per cent of the rural areas around the country use solar system especially for light as compared to the urban centres.
This was revealed by the company brand manager, Marianne Arigye Mubiru, during the launch of their new solar products in Kampala recently. She said three out of five households in the rural areas are using solar energy.
“We have found out that as one or two out of 10 households in town could be using solar energy, it is six out of 10 in the rural areas,” she said.
Solar energy is said to be a cost-effective source of off-grid energy as opposed to the conventional way where huge capital investments have to be made in putting up transmission and distribution networks.
Mr Samuel Otto from Moyo District, a user of solar, said solar is a life style that cannot be done away with in this era of hydroelectricity loadshedding.