Retailers enforce protective measures against coronavirus

Wednesday March 25 2020

Precaution: Customers at Carrefour Supermarket

Precaution: Customers at Carrefour Supermarket wear gloves to safeguard against Corona virus. This is one of the measures the supermarket has set up to avert spread of the virus. PHOTO BY CHRISTINE KASEMIIRE 


As you make your entry into Carrefour supermarket’s wide open doors, you are welcomed by a temperature gun.That is the machine used to read your body temperature when pointed at your forehead.

After a few steps in, Mr Henry Asasira, the attendant on duty then directs the customers to the affixed hand sanitisers before offering them plastic gloves to enjoy shopping in the supermarket.

This is one of the moves that the retail supermarkets are enforcing as precautionary measures to allow them persevere through this trying time.

The French retail giant has also created one meter distances between the display service centres and customers to minimise chances of infection.

In addition to installation of disinfectants around different service points of the supermarkets, Carrefour has employed cleaning services to ensure sanitization of all surfaces in the supermarket.

“Every after an hour, the floor is cleaned and every after 30 minutes, the cleaning staff sanitise the stalls to avert risk of infection,” the supermarket management noted.


According to Mr Asasira, the customers understand the risk of the virus and have been very compliant throughout the process.

“We get between 100 and 200 people every hour moving through the supermarket but none of them is resisting. They know the dangers of the virus,” he explained.

Mega Standard Supermarket has also stationed hand sanitisers at the entrance of the supermarket to ensure all customers entering have disinfected their hands prior to touching commodities.

Ms Julie Okwi, one of the customers shopping through Carrefour supermarket says the precautionary measures installed by the retailer are reassuring in regard to safety of customers while shopping.

“I feel safe. I have been through other malls and all they do is provide a sanitiser. I have in fact spent over an hour shopping compared to other places where I enter and immediately get out to avoid any risk,” she says.