UNRA to erect weighbridges on Tororo road to prevent damage

Thursday September 3 2015


KAMPALA. Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) is set to erect a weighbridge near Tororo Cement Factory to minimise the damage cement trucks are causing to the roads, the agency executive director, has said.
Ms Allen Kagina said government is losing a lot of money in repairing the Tororo-Mbale road that connects South Sudan to Mombasa Port.
She added that this is due to overloading of the trucks that transport cement from Tororo to other parts of the country.
“I appeal to Tororo factory to ensure that roads are not damaged. We are going to put up a weighbridge [because] we want to use the roads for a long period,” Ms Kagina said at the commissioning of a 48km Tororo-Mbale road last week.
South Sudan is Uganda’s biggest trading partner with Uganda earning about Shs54.2billion annually from exports to the neighbouring country.
The construction of the said road was awarded to Dott Services Limited at a cost of Shs63.8 billion. The same company worked on the Jinja-Kamuli road, among other projects.
President Museveni, who was the guest of honour at the function ,warned residents to change what he called ‘reckless’ lifestyles that expose them to HIV/Aids.
“Health is wealth. Be like me, I am making 71 but I am still strong,” Mr Museveni said while in Tororo.
He asked the residents to embrace the wealth creation programme that seeks to enable Ugandans earn Shs20m annually.
Under the programme, farmers are able to access seeds, livestock and agricultural advisory services.

Employment issue
Residents asked the president to reign in on Tororo Cement Factory accusing them of employing mainly Ugandans of Indian origin.
The factory employs about 8,000 people but the President said he was not certain on the jobs distribution between indigenous Ugandans and Indians promising to investigate further.
He said with increased investment in electricity, roads, air transport and railway, more investors will be compelled to invest in Uganda and the problem of unemployment will be dealt with.