Energy ministry names pump stations selling adulterated fuel

Thursday April 26 2018

selling adulterated fuel

The sale of adulterated fuel products is a serious problem across the country. PHOTO BY EDGAR R BATTE  


Kampala. The Ministry of Energy and Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) have named some 114 fuel pump stations across the country that purportedly sell adulterated petroleum products.

In an interview yesterday, Rev Frank Tukwasibwe, the commissioner of Petroleum Supply in the Ministry of Energy, told Daily Monitor the named companies will be penalised in accordance with administrative guidelines and repeat offenders are likely to have their licenses revoked.

“There are two approaches to penalising: Those without licenses will remain closed and only be opened after fulfilling the conditions under the Petroleum Supply Act, 2003, while those with licenses are given notices and the public warned about their activities,” he said.

However, he said, the failure rate of fuel in the country has dropped from 29.1 per cent in 2009 to 0.5 per cent in March 2018 as a result of the continued fuel marking and quality control programme.

Fuel marking is where a chemical - either T1 for petrol and diesel or T2 for kerosene - is coded into fuel and through a testing process adulterated fuel can be distinguished.
The exercise was introduced in 1999 by the Ministry of Energy in collaboration with fuel marketing companies.

The Petroleum Supply Act requires any person interested in the trade of (importation, exportation, transportation, storage, wholesale and retail of) petroleum products in Uganda to obtain a license from the Commissioner of Petroleum Supply at the Ministry of Energy.


The same applies to anyone interested in constructing a petrol station.
There are more than 2,000 fuel pump stations in Uganda, some of which do not meet set standards.

However, officials from the Ministry of Energy and UNBS have also previously complained about inadequate stuffing to police all the fuel stations spread across the country.
The exercise is also affected by the proliferation of new districts in the country which are not monitored.

Adulterated fuel has over the years remained a sticky issue in the petroleum industry with a number of people coming up to show concern over petrol stations that continuously sale low grade fuel products.

However, Rev Tukwasibwe said yesterday that given the likelihood of a wholesaler unknowingly selling products to illegal operators, holders of licenses should be vigilant to avoid falling victims.

“Failure on the part of a licensed company to take precautionary measures may lead to the revocation of the company’s license,” he said.

Named stations

Pump Station District
Banoda Petroleum - Masaka
Explora Energy Katosi - Mukono
Jalamba Oils - Mpigi
Jank F/S Nsaggu - Wakiso
Katende F/S - Mpigi
Kigangazi F/S - Kigangazi
Kikandwa F/S - Kiboga
Kinaawa F/S 2 - Wakiso
Kyentume F/S - Mukono
Myanzi F/P - Mityana
Palm Oil Kalangala - Kalangala
Seka Energy 3 Busika - Wakiso
Stabex Wanyange - Jinja
Agat Oil Nsangi - Mpigi
Banoda Nagalama - Mukono
Bugade F/S - Mayuge
Bulanga F/S - Iganga
GN Petroleum Bujuuko - Wakiso
Mulongo F/S Musita - Mayuge
Mutundwe F/S - Kampala
Seka Energy 1 - Kayunga
Abeb Ibuje S/S - Apac
Agago F/S - Agago
Banonda Maganjo - Kampala
Beetego Oil F/S - Mukono
Bugodi F/S - Mayuge
Byaru Petroleum Kasese - Kasese
Deo F/S 2 Igayaza - Kibaale
Gaz Energy Kikorongo F/S - Kasese
Hass Mpoondwe - Kisoro
Kasojo F/S Kibale - Kisoro
Kitgum Gapco - Kitgum
Mo-Oil Kangulumira - Kayunga
Mukisa F/P - Mubende
Mutundwe F/S - Kampala
Nile Oil Bugembe - Jinja
OM Ndiwawe F/S Bwikara - Kibaale
Petrocity Kiganda - Mubende
Shine Energy Kamdini - Lira
Tini F/S Karugutu - Fort Portal
Butemba F/S - Kiboga
Delta Kalangala - Kalangala
Elly F/S Iganga Bunya Rd - Iganga
Gombe F/S 1 - Butambala
Gombe F/S Kabula - Butambala
Jess F/S Igayaza - Kibaale
- Kasenge F/S - Wakiso
Kigangazi F/S - Kigangazi
Kikwaya F/S 2 - Kibaale
Kinaawa F/S 2 - Wakiso
Kyangwali P/S - Hoima
Masajja F/S - Wakiso
Munteme F/S - Hoima
Ngangi Gapco - Kibaale
Palm Oil Office - Kalangala
Petrocity Kasenyi - Entebbe
Eletuka F/P Bugoma - Kalangala
Imran S/S Mbale Kumi - Mbale
K.E Trust F/S - Nakaseke
K.K Trust Oils Kalamba - Mubende
Kikandwa F/S - Mityana
Kindly S/S Rusiza - Kibaale
Kitende F/S - Wakiso
Kitumba F/S - Fort Portal
L K F/S Kasanda - Mityana
Mukisa F/P - Mubende
Namataba F/S Kirinya - Mukono
Namataba F/S Kirinya - Mukono
Sivan F/S Musiita - Mayuge
Stabex Walukuba - Buliisa
Tini F/S Kiko - Kabarole
Town Petrol F/S Masulita - Wakiso
United F/S Kawempe - Kampala
Asiimu F/S - Kyenjojo
Bam -ST Kaggwa - Bushenyi
Beetego Oil F/S - Mukono
Bugodi F/S - Mayuge
Bunamwaya F/S - Kampala
Centruy Energy F/S - Mukono
Fal Oil Arua - Arua
Gewina F/S Mabaale - Kibaale
Gil Oil - K K Trust Oils Kalamba - Mubende
Kabojja F/S - Wakiso
Kyenda F/P - Kyankwanzi
Loris Oils Mpererwe - Kampala
M O Oil Namilyango - Mukono
Mukama Mulungi F/S - Kyenjojo
Nasuuti F/S - Mukono
Oryx Bukoto - Kampala
Oryx Kazinga - Wakiso
Oryx Kiwatule - Wakiso
SL Pet Kibaale - Kibaale
Stabex Walukuba - Bulisa
Sun City Kigogwa - Wakiso
Tick Oil Maddu - Masaka
Bugema F/S - Wakiso
Bunamwaya F/S - Kampala
Katnkar F/S Lungujja - Kampala
Kobil Namunsi - Mbale
LK F/S 2 Kassanda - Mityana
Ms Pet Tula Road - Kampala