Membership organisations must seek solutions - expert

Wednesday February 6 2019

Dr Meier zu Köcker, an experienced BMOs

Dr Meier zu Köcker, an experienced BMOs capacity building trainer  


Kampala. Business membership organisations must focus on building tailor-made solutions instead of fighting to out-compete each other, according to Dr Meier zu Köcker, a capacity building trainer.
Speaking on the sidelines of a two-day business membership organisation training in Kampala, Mr Köcker said clashes in such setups result from bad governance, a key aspect among membership organisations across Uganda.

“Part of the problem is there are too many business membership organisations fighting other,” Dr Köcker, said, adding it becomes difficult for such organisations to establish tailor made services, which could help lift members and their businesses.
The training kick started a Shs21b (€5m) capacity building project that seeks to make business membership organisations within and beyond Uganda service oriented.
During the training, Dr Köcker told participants that leadership of such organisation must be geared towards providing tailor-made services and not generic solutions.

“Think about your members first. And make sure you deliver on things that matter,” he said. Ms Veronica Namwanje, the Uganda Small Scale Industry Association executive secretary, whose organisation will benefit from the programme, said the project will help to highlight weaknesses that result from the absence of capacity to help the formation of solid associations.
“We need capacity to not only run membership organisations but to mobilise resources for day -to-day operation,” she said.

The Shs21b (€5m), Mr Charles Omusana, the EAC principal economist, investment and private sector promotion, said will be used to equip membership organisations with skills that will enable them to establish business ideas that are internationally attractive.
The two-year project, supported by the German Development Agency, is already working with about 60 small and medium enterprises from different business membership organisations.