Postbank Uganda is Market Leader in Agricultural Lending, wins scoops 5 awards

Saturday June 1 2019

PostBank Uganda was named the Best Financial Institution in advancing Agricultural Financing in Uganda, under the Bank of Uganda Agricultural credit facility program.
This was revealed during the awarding ceremony for the best performing participating financial institutions under the Agricultural Credit Facility (ACF) scheme.

On the night, Post Bank swept the most awards, running away with the winners’ prizes on five occasions. They won the categories of Number of loan applications, Number of loans disbursed as a percentage of total number loans disbursed, Number of loans disbursed to small borrowers, Regional outreach and Overall Best Performing PFI (CI or MDI category).

The event was held at Kampala Sheraton Hotel on Thursday 30th May 2019. The Minister of Finance Matia Kasaija was the guest of honour.

Other dignitaries included the Deputy Governor Bank of Uganda, Louis Kasekende, Prof. Mondo Kagonyera, Wilbrod Owori CEO Uganda Bankers Association and CEOs of the participating financial institutions.

According to award organisers (Bank of Uganda), the ceremony was intended to recognise the significant efforts that have been made by different Participating Financial institutions in the operationalisation, advancement and uptake of the ACF funds. In addition, the awards were designed to recognise the efforts of best performers in achieving the scheme objectives while mobilising support and growth in Agricultural lending.

Minister Kasaija applauded PostBank Uganda for taking the lead role in advancing agricultural financing to the people of Uganda.The commercial bank beat all the participating financial institutions to emerge the overall Best performing financial institution in extending credit facilities under the ACF program.


Post Bank also emerged winner in other categories that included; highest outreach to small borrowers as evidenced by the number of loans disturb used, highest National coverage in terms of the number of loans Disbursed at march 31st 2019, highest Absorption rate in terms of Number if loans Disbursed and interest in the scheme as evidenced by the number of loans applications submitted to Bank of Uganda as at 31st March 2019.

Mr Benon Rukundo the Executive Director Credit and Business growth said that the value of loans disbursed under the ACF scheme total to 26,749,278,627 UGX. He further noted that agriculture lending takes 25% of the bank’s loan portfolio. This implies that the bank is focussing on consolidating as a preferred financial institution in agriculture lending.
About Agricultural Credit Facility;

ACF was set up by the Government of Uganda in partnership with Commercial Banks, UDB and MDIs and Credit Institutions, all referred to as Participating Financial Institutions(PFIs). The scheme’s operations started in 2009, with the aim of facilitating provision of medium and long term financing to projects engaged in Agriculture, Agro processing, and mechanization, focusing on commercialization and value addition.

Loans under ACF are disbursed to Farmers and Agro processors through the PFIs at more favourable terms than are usually available under conventional loans. The scheme is administered by BoU and its operations guided by an MoU signed by all stake holders. Uganda Bankers Association has signed on behalf of Banks and the other institutions signed separately.

The scheme operates on a refinance basis in that the PFIs disburse all the loan amount required by a client and seek for a re-imbursement from BoU.