Ruhowabwooba found money in selling fun

Sunday September 15 2019

Arthur Ruhowabwooba hosts corporate workers f

Arthur Ruhowabwooba hosts corporate workers for team building gigs. At these events, the workers are tasked to play some games including chess, scrabble and ludo among others. PHOTO BY LAWRENCE OGWAL 

Arthur Sunday Ruhowabwooba likes referring to himself as someone who sells, leases and hires fun.
By this, he says, under Vector Events, he provides games such as inflated human foosball, board games and bouncy castles among others to different schools. Ruhowabwooba also conducts team building events for corporate companies with the help of trained staff.

Why trade in fun?
Ruhowabwooba has worked at different corporate companies and has attended events but realises most of these events have nothing like interactions, they are mostly about roundtables but these, according to him would be great with addition of board games, garden games and inflate games, among others.

“I believe fun is a good addition to many things in life, fun can bring motivation, it is also a way of giving back to employees and also promote a particular brand,” Ruhowabwooba states.

He goes on to say that five years ago with just Shs2.5m, he started to sell fun. He says what started with him wearing penguin costumes and making funny faces to go and entertain young children at events has now grown into a Shs150m business.

“I worked with children and I have grown to incorporate and cater for the two,” Ruhowabwooba says. He adds that while children were having fun at events, the adults were only looking on yet there are adult games that they can engage in and now, they are all catered for,” he said.

How it works
Vector Events, according to Ruhowabwooba has a fully stocked store in Buziga a Kampala suburb along Ggaba road.
“When we are contracted for our services, we rent out the equipment in regard to what someone asks for and price for hiring ranges from Shs150,000 and stretches to a few millions,” he adds.


Among the events that he has worked with in terms of selling fun are the annual Rolex Festival, Kwepena Festival, and Corporate League.
“For team building, we have worked with companies such as Total Uganda, Umeme, Galaxy FM, Housing Finance and we have hired equipment to other companies such as Buzz Events and Swangz Avenue among other events organisers,” Ruhowabwooba says.

Ruhowabwooba who employs four permanent staff and also works with many casual labourers says they charge differently when it comes to team building. “Some companies pay Shs5m, others Shs10m and others pay much more depending on how you negotiate with them.” He adds that the business of selling fun has no good season or bad season but it is weekend based.

Most of Ruhowabwooba’s clients are from referrals and others are from social media. “Others want to work with me because of my social status,” he says and also adds that many who watched him on TV and on stage as a comedian together with those who listen to his radio shows easily offer him business.

Ruhowabwooba who boasts of being one of the few Ugandans earning from making fun and entertaining children says he advertises his business by offering quality work.

“I speak with head teachers of several schools, club managers and human resource managers of several corporate companies. I market to them my services and operation. I also have fliers, brochures,” he says.
He has also maintained presence on social media and shares most of his gigs on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram.

“One of the most difficult things I faced was convincing financiers to buy into my idea. Some think you are out of your mind when you tell them that you want to invest in a fun based business. I decided to start with my savings and the rest like they say is history,” he said. He also faces a challenge of collecting payments from some clients. “Some clients just don’t want to pay,” he says.

According to Ruhowabwooba a recreation centre offers opportunities for children, and in some cases for adults, to exercise, form a healthy community and have fun in a safe, constructive environment.
“Owners and operators of recreation centres often enjoy the many benefits that the centres offer to their communities, and though starting a centre may be difficult, it can also be rewarding for those involved in the project,” says Ruhowabwooba.
“Set up play areas, courts and games on your property. You can also decorate your recreation centre to make it more attractive to guests or customers. Purchase any equipment necessary, including sports paraphernalia, gear and protective equipment,” he says.

Who is Ruhowabwooba?
Arthur Sunday Ruhowabwooba attended Kibibi Muslim School for 0 - Level, St Balikudembe Secondary School for A - Level and Makerere University for a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business. He pursued a Master’s degree (MBA) at Makerere University.
He joined Galaxy FM in 2012 after quitting his MTN job in the customer care department. Ruhowabwooba has been in the entertainment industry as a comedian under the names Arthur DaVaccine.