Ugandans SMEs need support to be competitive

Tuesday March 24 2020

Mr Sembatya, managing director, Finding XY

Mr Sembatya, managing director, Finding XY talking to SMEs trainers of trainers during the Business Development Service; ‘Eco-inclusive Enterprise Incubation’ training held in Kampala 


Right attitude, little support and lack of business structure are the reasons why Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Uganda are failing, this is according to business trainers.
The trainers believe that that without right attitude, one cannot fit in the career because it often draws ridicule and other challenges.
Mr Edirisa Sembatya, a business trainer and managing director, Finding XY, believes SMEs must have the courage to get started through continuous learning, inspiration and patience to build from scratch to success.
Speaking to participants at a three-day workshop on Business Development Service; ‘Eco-inclusive Enterprise Incubation’ held in Kampala, Mr Sembatya said, SMEs in Uganda will only get better if they continue retraining and adapting to latest technologies.
Finding XY is the hosting organization of Seed Uganda and supports growth of small enterprises that deliver social, environmental and economic returns.
“A lot of SMEs fail because of lack of structures in business, the structures starts from financing the business, knowing the boundaries between the business finances and personal finances, without structures owners’ end up mixing the two which is detrimental to business,” Mr Sembatya, adding: “Government must be keen to see that SMEs get training on a regular basis”.
Other challenges cited include poor leadership, high costs of production inconsistency in business, lack or poor record keeping.
“We think, SMEs need to be supported. We have also realised that these SMEs go for consultations to different people, which is why, as a country we need up to date trainers of SMEs,” he said.