Stanbic shifts to customised banking

Friday June 5 2020

Stanbic Bank is reorienting its operations to

Stanbic Bank is reorienting its operations to offer customised banking solutions. FILE PHOTO 


To remain relevant to the challenges borrowers are facing, Stanbic Bank is reorienting its operations to offer customised banking solutions.

The bank’s move to tweak it’s slogan to “It Can be” is expected to offer clients hope that they can still achieve their dreams despite the difficult times occasioned by Covid-19.

Launched today, the campaign will run for the next six months and unpack the bank’s new aspirations and client solutions which have been customized and speak to their current needs and demands.

New tag line
Stanbic Bank’s chief executive, Anne Juuko said, “I am also pleased to unveil our new brand payoff line that underpins our aspirations; It Can Be.” It Can Be is about being courageous, innovative, authentic and bold in everything we do.

We want to engage with our clients by asking the deep questions and thinking of the unconventional and create unique solutions.

It’s also about attitude and having a positive approach to achieving goals as we help our clients realise their vision of a brighter future.


Ms Juuko said, “Today’s customers want more than just a service, they are looking for a brand that believes in them, inspires them, and walks with them – a brand that tells them that their hopes and dreams matter.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce our new brand promise: “Finding New Ways To Make Dreams Possible”.
“The new age customer yearns for connection. We want to be in sync with what our customers believe and aspire for so that we are a part of their journey to help make their dreams possible,” she said.