Use Covid-19 lockdown to plan stronger post-pandemic business rebound, Ugandan entrepreneurs told

Thursday September 03 2020

Dr Lawrence Musanje

Dr Lawrence Musanje, a Ugandan who owns and runs two State of the art Dental practices in the Denver Metro area in Colorado USA has advised Ugandans not to allow themselves get paralyzed by the lockdown.

Dr Musanje who is also the CEO of A & J Alliance Inc, a management Company, called upon Ugandans to use the lockdown to plan for a stronger post-pandemic rebound.

His comments were carried in a message during his keynote speech at the business edition of the Uganda Festival and Expo 2020, a virtual substitute to the annual Uganda Festival organised by Ugandans in North America under their umbrella body UNAA Causes.

The Business Edition of the Uganda Festival and Expo 2020 is continuing virtually through this weekend with a theme; Economic Transformation during and After a Crisis.

“Let us learn to transform and adopt to changes including changes brought upon us by the Covid-19 Pandemic,” Dr Musanje said.

While he acknowledged that the pandemic is an ongoing challenge that has disrupted economic activity globally, he hastened to add that at the same time the current environment has presented opportunities and ‘businesses have been able to cut wastefulness and extravagance.’


He encouraged Ugandans to start their own businesses, especially during this pandemic by taking advantage of all the platforms offered by technology.

“There are enormous benefits of owning a business, the USA and most countries offer huge tax benefits to those who own their business, you get to live your dream while providing opportunities to others in form of jobs, don’t be afraid of the competition,” he said.

Dr Musanje’s Dental Practices include Shining Star Kids Dentistry P.C which was established 10 years ago while the second, Bright Star Kids Dentistry, PLLC was started four years ago with both specializing in kids’ dentistry.

He studied Dentistry both at the Wuhan University, Hubei Wuhan in China and at the University of Colorado, School of Medicine in USA. He did his PhD at the University of Hong Kong, Pok Fu Lan in Hong Kong before teaching and doing research at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon, USA as a Postal Doctoral Fellow. He later decided to start his Dental Practice business.