Develop Uganda through social entrepreneurship, says expert

Wednesday December 9 2015

By Jonathan Adengo

Kampala. Uganda can successfully pursue socioeconomic development through embracing social entrepreneurship, a key pillar in enabling the public attain better standards of living.
According to Ms Lynsey Farrel, a senior change manager at Ashoka, an international body promoting global community development, Uganda needs selfless entrepreneurs that create innovations to positively change communities without founders seeking profitability from such initiatives but satisfaction derived from the betterment of community.

Speaking at an Africa Social Entrepreneurship Summit held in Kampala last week, Ms Farrel said: “We need entrepreneurs that are less focused on pursuing profits from their innovations. Generous people of that nature must have the primary objective of causing the general transformation of vulnerable communities through paving a way out for them to live purposeful lives by engaging in income generating activities,” she said.
Meanwhile, the Ashoka team also paid a visit to the National Union of Coffee Agribusinesses and Farm Enterprises (Nucafe) to see how the body has caused positive change among local coffee farmers, a case of the benefits of social entrepreneurship.

Speaking during the visit, Ms Farrel underscored the need for Uganda to create a pool of social entrepreneurs to push for social development through creating new ideas in areas, including but not limited to ICT agriculture, health, environment, education and gender.
Nucafe executive director Joseph Nkandu said the organisation is transforming coffee farming communities by boosting productivity through harnessing the farmer ownership model, a model directed at changing the role of the middlemen in the coffee value chain and increasing the monetary value that farmers retain.

About Ashoka
Ashoka is composed of a global network of icons of social entrepreneurship and community socioeconomic positive change agents. The body has more than 3,000 fellows across the globe. Nucafe executive director Joseph Nkandu was included on the Ashoka Fellowship in 2013.