Ugandans to benefit from trade expo

Sunday March 13 2016

Some of the items on display

Some of the items on display 

By Jonathan Adengo

Several Ugandans looking to do business with foreign companies are set to benefit from the Uganda trade expo, 2016, currently underway at Uganda Manufactures Association.
With globalization, the world has become one country which has since simplified the way business is done thus benefiting different stakeholders involved in the value chain. This therefore calls for partnerships which create opportunities for jobs and employment for several locals who partner with the foreign companies.

Mr Amin Kazi, the chief executive officer of Clean Hygienics DWC, a company based in Dubai says he is looking to establish a branch office here and also establish partnerships with bulk distributors.
With a big range of products under his Clean Hygienics brand, Mr Kazi does personal care and hygiene care products, mother and baby care products, baby wipes and diapers, refreshing and anti-bacterial wet wipes, perfumes and soaps among others.

In the short time he has been here, he is looking at establishing partners in Uganda who will distribute their products across the divide.
Other exhibitors are looking for potential partnerships with some of our locally established companies to work in their countries. Mr Rajen Sebbamah, the Manager Enterprise Mauritius is here to scout for talent and potential people to work with in Mauritius.

“Mauritius has a population of 1.3 million people and very limited labour, I’m therefore looking for spot potential people to work with back in Mauritius,” he said.
The trade expo will run for three days from March 13 – 15, culminating in a networking event for all the foreign exhibitors with the local manufactures and business people
The trade show organized by Bright Exhibitions kicked off today (Sunday) and has attracted over 15 companies from over ten foreign companies who are looking for distributors to work with locally here.