Why sport is vital

Sunday December 9 2018

WORKING OUT.  Jogging will help refresh one’s

WORKING OUT. Jogging will help refresh one’s mind. COURTESY PHOTO 

If you are young and want to do business that is international in nature, find ways of learning or doing special things such as sports.
That is a very big part of preparing for the future we all have looked forward to while in school.

As you grow you will learn that the people that avoided sports while at school do not understand how to handle a loss and a win. As a young person many years ago, whenever I got a chance to learn sport, I did it with one heart and today I see so much value in things I did while young.

In general, sports helped me understand how to handle both a win and a loss and both happen to me often just like to so many other business persons.
Most business people across the globe will have deep desire for fitness and they achieve this through things such as running, playing games including tennis, badminton and volleyball among others.

I played volleyball, badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis and athletics. We did not have this at home but went out of my way to learn. Anyway, why am I telling you this? Last week while in Arizona Phoenix US attending one biggest tourism meetings that happen every November, I participated in a fun run organised by Incredible India.

I started from the back because I came in a little late. And because of that, I put up a spirited fight and passed so many people and finished number 12 and little did I know that many guys were observing my running style.
After the run, Incredible India organised a very classy breakfast and awarded the best performers.

I missed out on the prize bracket because I started from the back. Had I made it on time to start with everybody else, perhaps I would be among the top three but that is not important.

What is important is many people associate spirited fight to how you handle life as a person. Therefore many will be attracted to you and will discuss business and that is exactly what happened the next day during our meetings.

I was invited for a big run again the next morning by guys running big business in the US and run as we discussed the future. Running for example is associated with discipline, resilience, focus, endurance and perhaps patience.

In life people will first buy you before they buy the product you are trying to sell and this applies to smaller businesses.
But there was one interesting encounter on the day of the run, I sat on a table for breakfast and yes, I started chatting everyone about general and partially what we do as a company.

During the chat, I learnt that I was sitting on the same table as guys from a company I chased for two years and when they put out their bids last year, we made it to the top two. Great Lakes safaris in Uganda and a big Rwandan company.
For this particular deal, I flew to the US in February this year and did presentations in their offices with my colleague David.

I did everything possible but failed to come first. I will call up the winner and thank him for beating me in the game. That deal was for Rwanda.
After the run, they invited me for a chat and little did I know my buddy David a guy who represents Great Lakes safaris and Uganda lodges in the US had arranged one.

They are now considering Uganda for business in 2020. No one there last week was discussing business for 2019 because they are already done for that year. The run enhanced our relationship and the chances of me doing business with that particular company.

The writer is an investment expert and ceo at Great Lake safaris and Uganda lodges
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