Business is about selling more

Monday March 11 2013

By Dickson Wasake

If you are in business (rather than say an NGO), you have one primary aim: To sell more. It can be hard to get financing from banks and so selling more is one of the few means of building a strong cash base. Some of the information I am about to provide is from two leading marketing experts, but backed up by my own experience.

This stuff works for us
Our clients are increasingly growing, despite it being a difficult environment. It has worked for employers I worked with when we tested it.
It can work for your business as well. I provide it not because it’s from some “marketing gurus” but because plain and simple: This stuff is working.

About these “experts”
Andy Bounds is half blind. His “good eye” however, has limited vision - he can’t for example drive. He however won Britain’s “Sales Person of the Year”.
He says he is good because he had to describe things to his blind mother. He therefore sees things differently.
I have met Bounds twice. I value his stuff because it works, simple, yet powerful.

Chris Cardell has spent at least $1 million on Google advertising and is considered one of the world’s leading marketers.
He helps clients (many of whom are millionaires) achieve profits of even 200 per cent. I subscribe to Chris’s VIP club.
I read his stuff because it works - it is simple, yet powerful.

What are the tips for selling more?
The Afters based principle. “Clients want problem solvers not technicians” or bluntly: “Customer’s don’t care what you do. They care about what they’re left with After you have done it.”

Why is this stuff powerful?
Key point: When you focus on what customers want, ie benefits to them (e.g saving time, saving money, less stress), then you become interesting and they are more likely to come to you because you are solving their problems. They don’t really care if for example you are the best lawyer in town (though that helps) they care that you can solve the problem.


How do you use ‘Afters’ to sell more?
There are two things customers want when making a buying decision.
Their desired ‘Afters’ and; certainty that you can provide their ‘Afters’.
These are the only two things customers are interested in. If they know with 100 per cent certainty that they will get their ‘Afters’ they will buy.
This means traditional selling approaches like: “we were formed in 1993” “We are the best manufacturer” does not satisfy this criteria, and it does nothing to provide certainty that you can deliver a customer’s ‘Afters’.

To sell use the ABC principle
• Afters: Establish customers’ ‘Afters’. Ask them. e.g “what are you looking to achieve ‘After’ working with us?”
• Be Certain. State with certainty that you can provide these ‘Afters’. For example: “we can definitely help you”.
• Convince. Prove you can deliver those ‘Afters’ (Use proof e.g testimonials, past clients but this time focus on how they meet the benefits of the customer.
Action point. Review your sales material but with the ‘Afters’ focus. Does it meet the above test? If not, then you need to restructure it.