Clever ways of attracting new clients

Tuesday November 26 2019

Rose Kwatampora, head of projects and

Rose Kwatampora, head of projects and consultancy at Uganda Management Institute addresses participants during the Rising Woman Business expo on November 16 at Hotel Africana. Photo by Kelvin Atuhaire 

By Christine Kasemiire

Hope Kasimbazi, Outreach and Partnership Officer, Private Sector Foundation amazed the full house when she exhibited enthusiasm in her business at the Rising Woman Business clinic.

She owns two shops at two prominent hotels; Fairway and Hotel Africana. Being a board member on Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association (UWEAL), has not stopped her from making and selling snacks such as roasted groundnuts, soft cakes and others at her workplace.

“Before you start a business, you need to draw a roadmap with a vision and mission. Get out of that comfort zone. Use talent and positivity to sprout and grow,” Kasimbazi advises.

The Daily Monitor Rising Woman Initiative 2019 in partnership with dfcu Women in Business and Uganda Investment Authority garnered a number of women in attendance at Hotel Africana on November 16. They were mesmerised by Kasimbazi’s capability to manage all the duties at hand with a few employees who seemed to be in her late 50s.

With the right strategy, you can directly increase traffic to your business and grow your turnover.

Rose Kwatampora, head of projects and consultancy department, Uganda Management Institute, outlined the first indicators considered to draw a customer while operating a business.


Know latest trends
Place yourself in the customer’s shoes and identify the gaps before venturing into that business. Position yourself as the only answer to that need. Keep abreast with trends; indulge in research for more knowledge on the business and clients, and have the ability to use the information to better your product amidst tough competition.

Use word of mouth
How you speak with a client is vital. In addition to relations, networking and creating partnerships will affect the growth of a business. Kwatampora adds referrals make a big impact and multiplier effect when dealing with a client. It creates more opportunity for sales.

“Don’t judge a clients’ appearance before you sell the product to them. Use of catchy phrases or polite language will keep the customers glued as opposed to being rude and abusive which sends them off running. Always be alert to respond quickly to any queries posed to you.”

Offer discounts
“It is important to understand what motivates your customers to buy products. Align oneself with answers to the supposedly asked queries by customers. Administer favourable discounts or bonuses or special offers on products for sale, it captivates them to return.”

After sales services, constant follow up and checking on the client establishes a feeling of attachment. This will motivate them to come back.

“Your face says a lot about your mood. If one isn’t in a mood to sell either close the shop and take a break or shelve the mood for a short time and handle business.

However, smiley faces captivate the customer to buy. Never carry a bad mood to business because you never know who you will meet. First impression creates a lasting impression,” Kwatampora emphasizes.

Present yourself appropriately according to your job description. Relate and familiarise with the business itself. If it is a restaurant; have the hair covered and short nails.
Have a personal presentation that fits within and doesn’t create a gap between clients.

Be organised
The way one presents the business matters a lot. She says, the eyes are easily attracted to alignment, attractive colours which register in the client’s mind.
Lighting adds a clear reflection of the product especially indoors.
Outdoor business ought to be well displayed and keep in mind which business works best in the environment. Some products get spoilt due to being sun burnt or dust.

If you are looking for something, avoid disorganising the place by bringing out stuff from shelves. Keep the place clean and organised; be it a restaurant or saloon or shop, let it be inviting, refreshed to avoid any embarrassments.

She cautions, always draw out a policy in plan; look out for the sustainability plan. One must at all times stock up materials. Incorporate whatever is being asked after in the market. Albeit market trends are dynamic, adjust the attitude and satisfy the needs.

Personal values
“Be dependable, honest and trustworthy. Be ethical in business. Avoid vices like fraud, selling damaged or underweight products for your client loyalty. Be loyal to customers and they will reciprocate the loyalty. There are brands that have maintained steam over the years due to customer centric sentiments.”