Has economic liberalisation delivered us from hell? Part II

A bank client counting dollars. The director financial stability at the Bank of Uganda says borrowing in foreign currency is risky for their business.

What you need to know:

Sam Obbo spoke to economists who gave a mixed bag of reactions about the current privatisation in Uganda.

Given the economic figures, why then do some Ugandans have reservations about the current privatisation/ liberalisation policy and Capital Account, which allows foreign investors to repatriate their profits? I do not have figures which portray repatriation over the past 12 months or 24 years, respectively (because they are jealously guarded by Bank of Uganda). The amounts are huge, according to some sources.
Some Ugandans that I spoke to, for this article, expressed disquiet over the turn of events. They argued that the investors are reaping more than they sow. However, in a similar vein, several others are all praise for the policy. Below is a snapshot image of viewpoints by some interviewees.


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