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Cooperation urged to solve regional airlines’ challenges

Monday November 21 2011

By Nicholas Kalungi

Regional airlines and their corresponding governments must work together to devise ways through which they can sustain airline services amidst the increasing operational cost, one of the carriers has said.

Speaking to Daily Monitor, Mr Nichola Ali Khamis, the managing director Feeder Airline, said the current air transport challenges are beyond individual carriers thus they can be best resolved by as a team.’

“Airlines are faced by a number of challenges such as poor airport standards and high traffic charges. However, these problems cannot be solved by individual companies,” Khamis said.

On Friday, Feeder Airlines unveiled a new 120 seater Boeing 737-300 aircraft that is slated to fly between Entebbe and Juba.

The airline joins a least of others, which are upgrading aircraft fleets and routes. RwandAir, Kenya Airways, Air Uganda and Precision among others have all been involved in fleet and route upgrade.

Mr Khamis said: “We need to put hands together as a region, adding, “we have to combine efforts to have positive results. It is only after the different stakeholders in the region come together that a joint way forward can be adopted.”