August intake for Victoria University

Monday July 25 2016

The Vice Chancellor; Dr Stephen R Isabalija responded to our journalist

Q: What is unique about Victoria University?

A: Victoria University is a private university fully accredited by the National Council of Higher education. It is a state the Art World Class University located in the Heart of Kampala.

We are a Cosmopolitan University with a Multicultural Student Population and we welcome all students.

Victoria University offers first class facilities that include;

·         State of the Art Clinical skills Lab and Simulation Centre,


·         Fully Air Conditioned Lecture Rooms,

·         State of the Art computer Lab,

·         Spacious Student Lounge,

·         Modern Reference Library.


Q: In your advertisement you say you are a cosmopolitan university catering and hosting students from different nationalities; kindly share some of the nations represented at the university?

A:I am glad to advise that much as 70% of Students at Victoria University are Ugandans. The remaining percentage is a diverse composition of Rwandese, Tanzanians, South Sudanese, Barundi, Congolese, Indians, Zimbabweans, Cameroonians, Sierre Leoneans, Ethiopians, Eritreans, Somalis, Nigerians, and Ghanaian & Gambians, among many others.  You can call us Cosmopolitan University because apart from our students coming from different places of the world , our way of teaching is research based and innovative.

Q: The university is located in the city centre what does this mean to parents and potential students of the university?

A: It means that the student gets to understand what life in the city entails, fast paced lifestyle and a lot of mingling with people from different backgrounds. State of the art facilities , free laptops and wi-fi to enable the students do their work. Ease of transport as the buses, train systems are all functional. A clean environment that enhances education. For the parents we therefore guarantee safety and best equipment to enable learning. On that note we encourage parents and their children to visit us to see what studying in the city centre entails.

Q: Internships and work placements are some of the benefits a student of the university gets; does this apply to all students; local and international?

Yes internships and work placements are part of the model we use to enable learning so all students are guaranteed work placements and internships.

Q: Have you released students to the market place if so where and how different are they?

Our first graduands are in the market place and are making a difference. The next lot should be even better because our style of teaching encourages pursuit of excellence. Our students are also passionate, ambitious & committed to being the change required in the marketplace.


Q: Do your students engage in extra- curricular activities? Do you support Sports, Music, Drama?

Yes our students are engaged in sports especially football, volleyball and basket ball. They can also swim . Students also have a fitness class that runs weekly and caters for the dance sessions. We also have partnerships with clubs so our students can enjoy the night life the city offers them. All work without play…..


Q: Why should a student join Victoria University?

As mentioned earlier in the interview; we are located conveniently in the city centre implying accessibility; our programmes are market driven and lead to self-employment. Our lecturers are the best in the market and also carry out research alongside the students. We aim to create a culture of entrepreneurship and excellent scholars.

We have a dedicated marketing and admissions team to make your admission process hassle free. Our students have the best environment for study and free laptops to enable research and study. The multicultural environment is also a great reason as you get to network at an international level.

Of recent we can also confirm that we adjust our class time to cater for working class students.


Q: What informs the programs offered at the University?

The programs are all research based to cater for the market place and we have a number of programmes to mention but a few in the different Faculties that Include,

·         Health Sciences,

·         Business and Management,

·         Science and Technology,

·         Humanities and Social Sciences,

·         Department of Petroleum and Energy Studies


Unique prograPolice has re-arrested former Forum for Democratic Change leader Dr Kizza Besigye.

Kizza Besigye was heading to town to meet his lawyers at Uganda House  via Katwe , when police first blocked him at clock tower, he returned to Entebbe road only to return via Usafi market but police thwarted his move dispersing his supporters albeit without tear gas or sticks.

Shortly after, Besigye and his supporters once again regrouped around Mukwano road and moved towards Jinja Road round about, where the police again intercepted him, towing his car with him inside to Jinja Road Police station.

Unlike the previous occasions, the police under the command of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ASP) James Ruhweza, did not beat supporters of Dr Besigye nor did they use tear gas, however they encircled Besigye and slowly secluded him from his supporters.

On reaching Jinja Rd police station, Besigye was allowed to walk freely into the building where he will be kept indefinitely.mmes include Bachelor of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Bachelor of Midwifery Science, Bachelor of Nursing Science, Bachelor of Oil and Gas Accounting.

Final Remarks:

At Victoria University we encourage you to come prepared to learn and leave prepared to succeed.  We are currently recruiting our August intake students and we welcome students from around the world. Please engage with us on our different university platforms ;