Community museum exhibition on

Tuesday May 18 2010


Today is the International Museums Day, a day when museum professionals meet the public and alert them of the challenges that museums face if they are to be an institution in the service of society and of its development.

This year’s theme is “Museums for Social Harmony” and in Uganda, the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda (CCFU) is carrying out an event where community museums will exhibit what they have at the National Theatre starting today at 4p.m. and will continue tomorrow, Wednesday.

CCFU is an organisation that helps community museums be recognised as contributors to not only culture and historical conservation in Uganda, but also to the tourism industry. Community Museums (or people’s museums) are usually small, locally located and available to the community whose culture they “collect” and exhibit. They offer the visitor a cultural experience, and an opportunity to “interact” with objects, documents, stories, skills etc from the past and how they have evolved in the present.

Currently, CCFU has located 17 active community museums from all over Uganda, and is supporting them to raise their profile as well as improve their initiatives to become a source of livelihood.

These museums today will be exhibiting objects unique to their cultures- like the Kiga traditional homestead from Edirisa in Kabale and the Iron smithing in Buganda from Butambala Centre of Civilisation.