Ugandan pineapples the best

Wednesday September 22 2010

Ms Salima Njeri, a Kenyan pineapple trader says that they prefer Uganda’s pineapples and particularly those from Kangulumira because they are sweet, succulent and also take long to perish.“There is nowhere in East Africa and perhaps in Africa where you can find such sweet and succulent pineapples like these ones here in Kangulumira. These pineapples are preferred by most supermarkets in Kenya because their crust is hard and take long to perish,” Ms Njeri explains.

She says in a week she comes twice to Kayunga and on each occasion she takes a-10-tonne lorry of pineapples to Kenya from which she makes profits of about Shs2m.Ms Njeri says they have together with Uganda local pineapple traders formed an association called “Zaaya pineapple group” so that they get one big voice in their business and also assist one another in case one of them gets a problem. Mr Lumiisa also says they are trying to mobilise pineapple farmers to form an association so that they can work together and sell their produce as a group. He says to date farmers prefer working individually because they think by cooperating the leaders will steal their money.

“We can demand for even better prices from these traders if we are in a group and we can also access loans to expand on our gardens,” Mr Lumiisa says. Mr Lumiisa commends foreign pineapple trade which he says has resulted into the speedy development of Kangulumira town and the entire sub-county.“All these beautiful structures in this town are owned by either pineapple farmers or traders,” Mr Lumiisa says smiling. Mr Lumiisa says there are plans to have the trading centre elevated to a town board status due to its growing population and fast development.