Government decides to re-enter the seed production market

Tuesday August 23 2011

By Joseph Miti

The government has decided to make a direct intervention in seed production to increase the availability and quality of seeds, the agriculture State Minister, Zerubabel Nyira, has said.

“The country is currently short of good seeds, which has affected our productivity,” he said. “We now need to revisit some polices to promote seed production and availability,” he added.

Mr Nyira said the ministry will begin with increasing the support it offers its institutions and private companies that produce genuine seeds.

He said lack of seeds has on many occasions forced farmers to buy seedling, especially coffee and bananas - from roadsides nurseries, which are diseased material.

Government’s direct intervention means it will oversee seed production, which was opened up to the private sector after government liberalised the economy.

However, given that private companies focus more on making profits, some of them are dealing in fake seeds.