National agriculture and trade show: An opportunity not to be missed

Wednesday July 3 2013

By Gumisiriza Mwesigye

Next week, from July 8 to July 14, the Source of the Nile National Agricultural and Trade Show will be held in Jinja under the theme “Promoting agro-technologies to enhance food security and competitiveness in the regional markets”.
This will be the twenty-first edition of the event since it was first held in 1993.

Organised every year by the Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFFE), it has grown into one of the biggest showcase of the country’s agricultural potential, a forum for innovations, a platform for sharing experiences, and stage for what has been achieved in the sector.

It not only attracts exhibitors and visitors from within the country but from the Eastern Africa region but from other countries as well. Over the 20 years, it is estimated that close to 10 million Ugandans have directly benefited from this show.

The 2013 exhibition is expected to focus on hybrid animals, value addition, bio-gas, land utilisation for high yield, mechanisation, post-harvest handling, conservation agriculture, water harvesting, improved seeds, agriculture finance, modern fishing, poultry and piggery technologies and skills. Over 400 exhibitors are expected this year.

In addition to exhibition of innovations, technologies and other products, there will be caucus that will go on for a full week.
A statement on the UNFFE website states: “There is no custodian of knowledge just as it may be the case in other sectors… Agriculture knowledge can be got from experts to farmer or a farmer to experts or a politician to a farmer or a farmer to a politician the cycle goes on and on. But because these categories of people often lack an open caucus to exchange views this annual agriculture show strives to bridge this gap.”

There are great opportunities for the farmers, agro-input dealers, traders, manufacturers, service providers and all other stakeholders in the agriculture sector to meet and transact business, share lessons learned, make inquiries, get answers, feel the pulse of the market and make contacts.