Fertility centre opening up at Paragon Hospital

Saturday July 31 2010


Paragon Hospital has been known mostly for its maternity services which is their main theme, the Marketing Manager, Mr. Nicholas Odongo, explains. Other departments are built around it. In line with this, on Saturday July 18, an In –Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) centre, aimed at attending to couples having difficulties in conceiving, was launched. Mr. William Lalobo, the hospital Managing Director explains, “We have put the services of Paragon at the disposal of professional doctors, midwives, to meet a wider population.” It is important for people to understand sterility and receive appropriate solutions.

And everyone is welcome. He says consultation at the hospital goes for Shs20,000. For an expectant mother, normal delivery costs Shs550, 000 including meals, professional fee, equipment used and accommodation, while the C-section goes for Shs1.5m. But in cases when the patient (mother) comes with her own doctor (yes you have this option), then it is Shs1.1m, with the similar package. Fertility and maternity services aside, there are other departments. “Paediatric directly supports maternity centre,” he says “Immediately the child is born, there is a paediatrician to observe the baby to make sure there are no defects and they are healthy before they go home.” And even then, they are still followed up to monitor growth and development.

For any emergences, they are 11 incubators, one in each delivery room, baby resuscitation machines, a delivery light to enable visibility during birth, a foetal heart monitor machine for each room and an electric bell.“These help in cases of foetal distress thus saving life and decreasing infant mortality,” Mr. Lalobo says adding that, “In March, we had three babies at six and a half months and they all survived, we even had a child who survived after being born at 24 weeks.”

In addition, the imaging department has been installed with Ultrasound technology, known as the 4-D scanner, which enables both the doctor and patient to appreciate, understand and clearly see the images. “There is more accurate observation and estimation of say the weight of the baby, the expected birth day as well as aiding in the diagnosis of conditions like fibroids and other abdominal conditions,” Mr. Odongo says.

With an infection control place, where people wash their hands before they are ushered into the hospital, and theatre foot wear as one goes into the delivery room, Paragon has a mission. “By using Uganda labour force, we believe we can provide top notch quality care in our hospital, to which other hospitals too can,” Mr. Lalobo says.