Pair up curtains and blinds

Saturday July 20 2019


By Simon Mburu

Apparently, blinds are meant for the office and only the office then curtains for residential houses or hotels. The beauty about interior design is that it gives you the opportunity to create your own style away from the normal.

If you are not particularly keen on frills and fabric fuss which would be mostly the male folk, blinds would do perfectly well in your apartment. Also if your design style leans more to the urban minimalist then blinds would look fabulous.

Blending curtains and blinds
So, the question is, can blinds and curtains be blended together?Of course they can but with one big implication…cost. Curtains and blinds can be used in the same room on separate windows, and can also be functional together to create an impressive effect.

A friend of mine referred me to a client with a very sophisticated taste who needed their office space revamped. So my first instinct was to match the standard. Part of the scope of work to be done was to dress the windows which were draped with venetian blinds, so I am thinking, roman blinds, roller blinds with a twist.

Best for houses and office
Dressing windows with curtains and blinds is a very contemporary style that is suitable for both residential homes and the office. The choice of colour and print will depend on your preference and the brand image.

If you are not one for curtain nets but still need to maintain the element of privacy, then blinds will do and that goes for all the types with the exception of vertical blinds. In my design, the curtains were entirely for décor purposes, meaning that they were not meant to be drawn, the blinds were sufficient but if the client chose to draw them.