I cannot marry an actress

Saturday April 20 2019

Felix Baale Bwanika

Felix Baale Bwanika 

By Gabriel Buule

Who is Felix Baale Bwanika?
Bwanika Felix Baale is a self-taught film maker whose skills were obtained from video tutorials, workshops and resilient trainings.
I was born in 1987, studied at Kitante Primary school, Muyenga High School and Lugogo Vocation I completed a plumbing course.
Even with exceptional plumbing skills , I chose to pursue my dream in film making. I breathe film and I believe the blood in my veins has some film particles.
In 2009, together with the help of of legendary Philip Luswaata, we joined the theatre and film industry.

Why is Uganda’s film Industry still limping compared to Nollywood?
The industry is infested with selfishness, hatred and greedy people who assume that the entire industry runs with just a handful of actors.
Uganda has no film commission to cater for the demands of film and theatre makers.
There is no body to guide and regulate the industry. That’s why film makers in Uganda are paid peanuts. Basically, those within the indurty are waiting to exploit others.

It is alleged that that sexual harassment is rampant in the film industry. Is that so?
Sex is a vice we are trying to fight in film industry.The young talents are not given a chance to exploit their talents but rather the “beautiful” and the vulnerable are given huge acting gigs.
It is that bad. But I urge all stakeholders provide a levelled ground for all who want to pursue fa career in film.

Would you marry an actress?
Art is a busy venture and marriage comes with so many demands including children. Children need time and when actresses get gigs they tend to be extremely busy leaving them with no time for family. I’m a busy man. I can’t handle a busy partner. So I can’t marry an actress.

What irritates you about women?
Ahaaaaaa! “Maama batakuza” (some women war mongers). I hate it when a woman wants to act superior.
I am aware that there is women emancipation but I hate bossy women. I wish they read the Bible. Ephesians 5:22-33 “Women, submit to your husbands”.
Would you fight with woman?
Of course not. I would rather walk away .Men who beat their wives are cowards. There are better ways to get marital issues resolves than beating an adult. Women ought to be respected.

A woman who wears make up one that does not. What do you prefer?
Make up sometimes is deceptive just like women who wear fake bums, boobs and eyelashes. For me it feels like such women are robots. I would prefer a woman with light make up i. If I had to choose, I would go with one with a natural face.
Are You Married?
I’m seeing someone. I don’t know whether I a married or not. But I am a happy father of beautiful girls.


What do you find attractive in a woman?
I’m so biblical that I need a partner not a particular quality but anyway who would reject a brainy woman! That’s obvious.