Creating and basking in the memories

Saturday July 7 2018


By Min Atek

We were bundled up together and taken for hot combing at the nearby local salon. I still have memories of the hot metallic gadget missing my ear by a whisker and me grimacing in pain. Before that, the only person who had used that gadget on my relatively thick hair was my mother.

We were then bundled up in a small car and driven to the mosque. The only person I knew in the entourage was my classmate Maymunah by whose connection I happened to be a bridesmaid at a wedding of a couple I have no recollection of. And yet despite the disorganization, as little girls we were more than excited to be a part of this mega milestone.

The other day one of our children was part of a bridal entourage. You should have seen the excitement that filled his heart and how we all rallied behind him; from the impeccable suit with bow tie and black shoes to the preparations that went into making the day what it was.

I shall never forget the way his face lit up when he saw me standing at one end of the aisle not only to take his picture but to welcome him into the place of worship as the bridal team made its way into the church.

Seeing him break into that breathtaking dimpled smile brought back memories of when as a child I also took on this role. What is life’s journey save for the precious memories we create that live on in the years to come?

We are taught to create monuments by which to look back at history and learn from it. Perhaps that is the reason I am deliberate about not only creating precious memories but archiving them.

Recently I landed on photographs from over 10 years ago. Oh how the times have changed. It is incredible to look back and laugh at what has passed. You realise just how far you have come and oh what gratitude wells up on the insides.
Luckily we do not need to go to photo studios like we did back then although that too is great. We can and should create and archive memories for as long as it is in our ability.

Ten years from now you will celebrate. You will look back at what might have been dark times and marvel at how far you have come.

We maintain hope and faith for even when the season is dry and dreary; no matter how dark a night, morning always comes!