A touch of scent for the bathroom

Saturday September 8 2018

There is a rich variety of

There is a rich variety of bathroom scents to choose from. NET PHOTO 

By Gloria Kawuma

My husband and I are very particular about bathroom scent/fragrance purchasing. Woe unto the one who replaces one with a hideous one, the act will be the slogan for the month!

The best scent always goes to the visitors’ bathroom (I really do not have time to be embarrassed).

Sweet, flowery scents are not really ideal for this space. The flowery scents that would work are those that have a hint of sandalwood (masculine scent) or lime (good odor absorbent) otherwise it just becomes a situation of applying perfume on a very sweaty body.

In some of the places I have gone to, the scents are so aggravating I have had to do some damage control by re-spraying using a small perfume I always carry in my purse.

These fragrances can be purchased in different forms.

These are stored in small glass bottles or jars. Some are meant to be dropped on absorbent material like synthetic petals. The principle here is that the petals release the fragrance only when they are soaked in it but as they dry, the scent fades away necessitating a refill of either the same scent or another one.
Other liquid scents blossom when put under a small amount of heat such as candle light. As the liquid burns it releases fumes that give the air a fragrance.

Spray cans
These come in two forms: manually operated and automated. The automated ones are stuck on the wall and can be timed to release fragrance. The time between each spray is dependent on the user.

If the can is set on a two-minute timer it means that every two minutes throughout the day, the can will release fragrance. These are popular in high end hotels.
The manually operated cans are more popular in homes, they are used as and when there is a need, making them cost effective too.

I particularly do not find this mode friendly. In my experience when the candle is half way used, it no longer produces the strength of scent experienced in the beginning plus the whole candle wax dripping look, is just rather messy for me.
Regardless of the state of matter in which they come as long as the rules are followed, you are definitely going to be proud and confident whenever your guests come out of your scented bathroom.
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