Losing a wallet

Saturday June 9 2018


By Mark Kawalya

Ireached into my jeans back pocket. The wallet was gone.

A feeling of unbelief seized me. I searched again. Nothing! I searched all the pockets on the pair of jeans I was wearing. The wallet seemed to have disappeared. I searched the house hoping that I had not carried it to work that day.

At least it would still be in the house. Still no wallet. I had left work as usual a few years ago. I picked up some groceries on my way home from a small supermarket. I discovered the wallet was missing when I arrived home.

There is a feeling you get when you lose something of some value. A feeling that is hard to describe. Firstly you do not believe it has happened to you. Subconsciously you believe such things happen to other people. As you continue searching for the missing item the unbelief gradually turns into panic.

Panic as you realize that indeed you are not immune. This is followed by frantically searching for the missing item. People will empty wardrobes in a frenzy looking for a wedding ring. Wedding rings are the worst to lose. Nobody takes you serioulsy when you lose a wedding ring. When the search proves fruitless, many will turn to God.

The people that haven’t been to church in a long time often say the most passionate prayers. Even those that claim to be Atheists instantly become believers. There is a way that tribulation even in its mildest form brings everyone closer to God. We are indeed mere mortals.
I sat down and tried to relax. By now I had said countless prayers.

I retraced my steps to figure out where the run-away-wallet could have gone. It became apparent that the separation had happened at the supermarket. This was a light bulb moment.

This feeling can be described. Pure excitement! I call it excitement because I still had to find the missing wallet. I hurriedly went back to the supermarket.

I was filled with hope. I could almost touch and smell the wallet. Wait, you have never smelled your wallet? What kind of human are you that has never smelled your wallet? The rich earthly scent characteristic to tanned leather can be hard to resist.

The supermarket staff told me they hadn’t seen the wallet. I defeatedly left the supermarket. I decided to search one last time with my phones flashlight. The wallet was on the ground a few inches to a watery trench. I thanked God as I boldly marched home.