I appreciate a woman with natural hair

Saturday June 9 2018

Brian Makalama is passionate

Brian Makalama is passionate about rugby. Courtesy photo  

By Joan Salmon

Are you a family man?
Yes, I am a family man, with two boys (one 13 and the other 11) and a girl just turned five.

Do you have a type?
When it comes to women, I have a preference. I am a plus size man so I was mainly attracted to the slender dark women.

Do you like a woman that shows a lot of skin or one that is modest?
Your body is the temple and pleasing others should be the last a woman should labour to achieve. Decency and comfort is what one should achieve
What is that one tip on relationships that you would want your daughter to know?
My tip in relationships is to live and act in the present. Building castles and comparing ourselves to others is usually a recipe to a failed relationship. No relationship is the same. Couples should strive to understand each other, build their own understanding of happiness and bring out the best of their partners.

What is the hardest part about your career?
I am a full time rugby coach, strength and fitness trainer always striving to give the youth what I did not have in my playing days.
Many a time, I have met people who do not understand their body types. I struggle to get the best out of an individual and not assume to make you a look alike. A lesson learnt from Mr. Okot an athletics coach in Uganda was to better yourself.
The biggest challenge I keep facing is many choose to forget the best in them, choosing to look like their desired idols. Make your self an idol, build you a brand. That brand is you. I was fortunate to play semi-pro rugby in South Africa. I was a big strong man, but in SA, I found bigger chaps but had to compete. I remember playing against a 6ft 4 , 140Kgs plus running fellow who kept getting yardage any time he got the ball. He was feared but needed to be stopped.

Game or drills?
Drills will always depend on the people I am dealing with. We all have different level of skill and understanding thus I adjust accordingly.

From playing to coaching; how do you like the transition?
I started coaching while still playing for the national team. I had a fair understanding of the game and was able to dissect and simplify it for the young boys, I had good retention and photographic memory of the different teams and individuals. I stopped active play in 2007 and the best way for me to give back to the sport was to coach.
Rugby is a habit that I choose not to stop. My transition to coaching was challenging especially dealing with different characters who do not see the game the same way. We always struck the balance but after many trials.

What is the best advice you have ever got from a woman except your mum?
Best advice given by a woman was move on, do not force it if it is not meant to work.

What is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?
My most romantic achievement is cooking.

What would you look for in a woman?
From a woman I look for simplicity and realism.

Tips for a woman that wants to join rugby?
For a woman wanting to join rugby, be ready to give to the sport. It is demanding and requires thick skin to achieve. Be ready to work hard and whine less. Rugby builds core values and strong character that can be translated to real life.

What do you find most attractive in a woman?
I do appreciate a woman with natural hair, simplistic and down to earth. A good cook and will always have my back and a true understanding of the real world. I do prefer a woman with self respect not only in character but presentation too.