Do not overthink your red carpet look

“Go for what flatters your body,” Koheirwe says

Cleopatra Koheirwe at the 2017 Uganda Entertainment Awards red carpet. COURTESY PHOTO 

BY Hassan Ssentongo


Not a stranger to the red carpet, award-winning actress and radio host Cleopatra Koheirwe shares tips on how to dress for a glamorous event. Both the actress and Mavo Kabunga, a fashion stylist, agree that it is key to go for what is fun, comfortable and suits you, among other considerations. They spoke to Hassan Ssentongo.


The holiday season is here, and in Kampala that translates to ‘red carpet season’. There is a long line up of events to attend most of which fall in the red carpet category. The most important thing to consider before you step out on the red carpet is a perfect outfit that oozes class and elegance.
We tapped two people we believe know a thing and two about walking the red carpet and winning at it.
Cleopatra Koheirwe is an award winning actress who has walked the red carpet multiple times while Mavo Kabunga is a fashion stylist behind the style choices of celebrities such as Sheebah Karungi.

  • l Go for comfort: “I am not keen on fashion and trends, I go with what I genuinely like and what I feel comfortable in,” Koheirwe shares. It is very important to go with what you feel comfortable in. Trends aside, if something does not fit right or makes you feel some kind of way, it will show. Do not overthink this part; go with what you are comfortable wearing.
  • l Black works every time: “If you are in doubt wear black,” Mavo Kabunga shares. Black is one of those colours that are easy to style and look red carpet perfect instantly. Often, the backdrop on the red carpet is filled with a number of colours, some of which may clash with your outfit. So to win, wear black.
  • l Have a reliable designer: “I have go- to designers such as Abbas Kaijuka or fashion shops such as Tina Brad Store in Kisementi where they have dashing dresses,” reveals Koheirwe. If you can afford to, work with a stylist. Stylists understand the trends, what goes with what and all those things you might not know. Feel free to let someone else worry about that part.
  • l Brainstorm: Kabunga advises that you collaborate with the stylist if you cannot allow them to be fully in charge. Sit with them and brainstorm ideas. Many people in Kampala prefer to go directly to designers. Feel free to collaborate with a designer instead of picking something off the rack that might not be unique.
  • l Body shape matters: “Go for what flatters your body,” Koheirwe says. What flatters your body will definitely look good on you. Do not fret about what to wear when you know the silhouette that flatters your curves or beautifully sculpted shoulders.
  • l Be playful: “Have fun,” Kabunga advises. It is fashion, and you are at the event to enjoy yourself.
    Do not let the pressure of winning the red carpet weigh you down. Walk and pose with fun.
    Make clothing choices that are fun and playful. At the end of the day, the fun of it is what really matters.
  • Black works anytime
    “If you are in doubt wear black. Black is one of those colours that are easy to style and look red carpet perfect instantly. Often, the red carpet backdrop has colours, which may clash with your outfit.” mavo kabunga, fashion stylist.
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