All shades of clean

Saturday January 13 2018

Min Atek

Min Atek 

By Min Atek

I could feel the dry January winds upon my face. My face was working hard not to show the frustration in my head. It was almost 3pm and the curtains in the room were still drawn, the windows shut tight, the bed unmade and clothes thrown across the room.

One of the children was strutting around the house like a contented peacock. The other one had rushed out, perhaps two hours earlier, without cleaning up after breakfast. His clothes were all over the place too.
Until recently, I almost believed that I was not only too fussy but perhaps that my way of life bordered on abnormal.
Then I had a coffee date with two gentlemen one whom I call father and another that I call uncle. The one I call father is an ardent reader of these writings.

As we settled down into the evening, characterised with many doses of loud laughter, I realised I was not abnormal after all.
One gentleman spoke of his elderly father who to date washes and irons his own clothes. He has not found too many people he can trust with the job.
The other gentleman spoke of the frustration of having a kitchen where things are not placed where they should be or folks who wash utensils but do not feel compelled to clean up all the water splashed all over the place. I almost gave them a standing ovation!

These were people who not only spoke my language but fully identified with my ongoing frustration. Messy places and messy things especially in my place of abode, stress me out. And that is putting it mildly.
When you have eaten and enjoyed your meal, pick up your plate and wash it. And after washing it, dry it and place it where it is supposed to be.
When you wake from your bed, freshen it out and lay it. Neatly, of course. I do not comprehend how one can live with a kitchen sink which reminds all and sundry about the beans you enjoyed last night or the corridor that announces to everyone that you have many pairs of undergarments!

So as I sat down and looked at my surroundings, I prayed quietly and thanked the God of the universe for His awesomeness!
I mean, think about it.
We are all His creations. The ones who are messy and are absolutely fine with it and then the others like me who have to be humbled into being ok with mess. And then there are many more in between and of course there are those who are more sparkly than my uncles and I; different colours and yet we all make God smile in our differences.