Angela Kateemu: Balancing work with a social life

Saturday December 14 2019

Angela Kateemu

Angela Kateemu 

By Paul Murungi

My typical Monday starts with organising meetings. I am not an early riser. I start my day with a cup of warm ginger water. Mondays are usually long days, which I partly dedicate to making follow-ups from the previous week’s assignments, catching up on deadlines, setting new targets and generally setting the pace for the week.

I plan my day on Monday evening. I prioritise my work depending on pressing deadlines. I set my appointments and what I must achieve in the week. This includes information gathering, compiling reports through the week, distributing communication products and disseminating messages. This is the day I work for long hours.

More meetings, community engagements, networking and any other duties my team is engaged in that require communication support. Our work revolves around coordinating UN agencies and partners that focus on HIV, advocacy and fast-tracking efforts and action towards ending HIV. I work with teams to generate content for publications. I work with media to ensure that the work our partners do is publicised. From quality control, to writing stories, to editing reports, to taking minutes, designing communication products such as booklets and newsletters among others. I do photography, I am a rapporteur, a storyteller, an editor, the event planner, the media liaison officer. The list is endless. It is a roller coaster.

Away from my busy schedule, this is the day I catch up with friends, especially after work. This is my way of striking a work-life balance, to remain sane. Thursday is a day dedicated for social life. It is also a day that I accomplish major targets set for the week and reschedule those that I would not meet that week.

I usually work half day, unless there is an urgent assignment to execute. After work, it is time to unwind, meet my friends.

Since most of the week I get home late, I purpose to avail myself on the weekend to be with my family, so we can do all kinds of things together. Sometimes we attend simple parties, go to the park or simply stay indoors and watch cartoons with my baby.

I spend the better part of the day resting. I believe one can interact with God anytime, anywhere, without necessarily having to go church. I believe in God but Sunday is my day of rest.