Our love was built on a foundation of friendship

Saturday March 21 2020


By Nicolas Akasula

How would you describe yourself?
A God-fearing husband, father, leader, who is a sports and car enthusiast.
You have had an illustrious media career. What makes you tick?
God’s grace and a great desire for excellence. God has blessed me with multiple skills to lead and serve others.
What struck you the most about your wife?
We were friends for a long time and she stuck by my side even in the storms. That built a very strong foundation for us to be together. Have you seen how beautiful she is? Now that is just on the outside, she is a pure soul even on the inside.
How is marriage like for two public figures under the same roof?
It is the world that creates an illusion that we are public figures. We don’t ever see ourselves that way. We actually get surprised when people try to cast us in that light. We are just two ordinary people.
What’s your favourite dish?
I love g-nuts and Irish as well as tea and bread. Blame it on my mother, she was a baker and a good cook. She prepared delicious meals for us while we were growing up. My love for bread is legendary. I can skip supper for tea and bread.
Who are your best Radio and TV presenters?
The list is long because we have witnessed great talents over the years. The duo of Alex and Christine, Mitch on the Drive show, Allan the Cantankerous. However, the best is when Patrick Kanyomozi presents a sports show. I have never seen anyone pulling one- liners like he does.
If you were a president just for one day, what would you focus on?
I would identify the most brilliant minds in the country, lock them up in a room and task them to generate a chronological long term plan for the country that can be implemented by whoever stayed in charge even 100 years later.
A taxi ferried you on your wedding day. Why did you opt for the crazy idea?
It was just for a short distance. We thought it was a fun idea and indeed it turned out to be a great experience.
What has been your best career moment?
I think God used us to do some revolutionary work at a local Christian radio station that changed lives by demonstrating that it was possible to be God-fearing and yet still be fun. It is always humbling to meet someone who says their lives changed many years ago because of an event or activity that we were doing.
How do you spend your free time?
Watching Liverpool matches. Reading and spending time with family and friends.

Ben Mwiine has worked at a number of media houses including Radio One, Power Fm, Sanyu FM, NTV. He is currently working at KFM. He also mcees at corporate events and conferences. He operates an events management and production company.
He is also a car dealer.