Business tips to success

Sunday July 26 2020

Take well calculated risks in  business and

Take well calculated risks in business and ensure your customers get value for money 

By Charlotte Ninsiima

Business is like a child. You must give it your time, take care of it and patiently make an effort to make it grow. Alexander Kyokwijuka, an entrepreneur who employs more than over 70 people shares insights on how to run a successful business.

Customer satisfaction
Every customer looks out for value for each penny they spend on a product or service. Kyokwijuka says it is important to satisfy the needs of a customer in order to maintain a business relationship with them. “Ask yourself if your customers are getting value for their money. Think of creative ways to satsify your customer’s needs lest you dont have business,”he says.

Create valuable networks
Kyokwijuka says networks are valuable in business because they can be your customers, refer you to other clients as well as provide the mentorship your business may need to go to the next level. For instance, whenever one is organising events such as a wedding, the kind of networks one has makes the organiser feel less burden, ” he says. We must apreciate that the bigger and enriched and meaningful your network is, the better you benefit from it both professionally and personally.

Taking risks
Everything we do in life is associated with risks and the effects of our decisions will always be two sided. Kwokwijuka affirms that people who are risk takers tend to be more successful in business and in life than those who are risk averse. It is good to take well calculated risks in business.

Personal discipline
“There is something about watching oneself through whatever they do. Talk about setting personal principles and following them to the dot. It takes personal discipline and one must ensure this in order to walk the success journey.”

Emotional intelligence
Everyone has emotions and these emotions will always come out at one point in time. What is important though is to manage these emotions so they don’t control your behaviour. This is important for you to effectively relate with people and remember life and business is about how you relate with people.


Pay your tithe
Biblically, we are mandated to take off 10 per cent from the net profit and give it to God. “For instance, even amidst Covid, the business can withstand the situation due to divine protection,” says Aventino Beinomugisha, who operates multiple businesses.

Relationship with employees
Beinomugisha emphasises the need to have mutual relationship with employees because they run the business. “The bossy attitude will not take you anywhere, it evades transparency and instills fear among workers. It pays to be accommodative and have a good relationship with people that you work with,” she says.