Celebrating the unsung parenting heroes

Saturday April 13 2019

Min Atek

Min Atek  

By Min Atek

He’s got one of of the most cheerful dispositions.
Moment by moment, he dots over his children like his very life depends on them and perhaps it does.
Despite an incredibly busy schedule, he makes every effort to squeeze as much time as possible to be with them.
It took me a while to discover that he was playing the role of mom and dad; he was doing it so exceptionally that you would miss it.

This truly warms my heart
The man who has no shame in being an involved parent. The man who will go the extra mile with such ceaseless effort so his children know and experience the palpitations of his heart.
It’s one thing to care and provide for one’s household. That’s very noble and it shouldn’t be taken for granted.
But it’s an altogether different thing when that care and support is from the heart and not necessarily out of duty.

The man who chooses to bathe his one -year -old daughter every morning before heading to work simply because he must play and bond with her is at a totally different plane from the one who bought the baby’s basin and pays the water bill.
The man who will ignore the fact that he hasn’t slept for three days straight and be present to watch his child compete in a relay at the local competition is quite something.
Today I celebrate all the unsung heroes in this thing called parenting.
Many social media platforms have been awash with the story of a man taking care of his premature baby after the mother apparently abandoned the child.

It’s quite a story.
We might never know nor understand the circumstances that could lead a mother to do that but we have to acknowledge and appreciate the man who chooses to carry the task regardless of the circumstances.
Some have argued that many women suffer the same predicament when men abandon them but what is deeply moving is regardless of who is at fault, there’s an innocent soul, totally clueless of what is happening, desperately needing all the support.
May God continue to bless the parent whose heart is in the parenting.
May He reward them for going beyond the call of duty and carrying a heart of gold.