Children are a product of who we are

Saturday March 7 2020

Min Atek

Min Atek 

By Min Atek

He had an early morning meeting. He was up early and had figured how he would beat the morning traffic. It is quite interesting how just a delay of only five minutes can land you into the mother of all traffic jams.
Being a meticulous dresser, he had planned on wearing a particular pair of socks. They call them happy socks. They are normally adorned with bright colours such as yellow, orange, lime, lilac and more. Quite a sight if you ask me and the type that the conservative man would not wear. But they are trending.
Somehow, he could not trace the particular pair he was looking for. He said he searched everywhere in the house in vain.
Then he sighed, working extra hard not to get angry or frustrated because at that moment, he realised where his sock were. Probably on the feet of one of his three sons at school. I laughed out loud. I asked if he had set a rule that no one would touch his socks henceforth. I still remember his words. “No,” he said emphatically. “Imitation is the highest form of flattery.” He said it had become the norm and he had eventually decided not to continue buying socks for himself alone. He needed to buy several pairs at ago. “Wow,” I said. This was the only response I could give him. I was blown away by his response.
You see, lately, my children often ask to borrow a pair or two of my shoes. I like to dress comfortably so I have got some casual shoes which my children find trendy and they keep asking to borrow them.
I had never seen it from this light, that indeed them asking for my shoes was a form of imitation and in so doing, my children were telling me something. A stamp of approval! And who does not need that?We live in interesting times and the world is moving fast. Sometimes, people get carried away. But herein, lay a great lesson for me. My parenting style was reaffirmed. The message was that my children believed in me. I was reminded that many a parent are a role model to their children whether they are aware of it or not. What a responsibility! Children are a mirror of all your thoughts, your dreams and aspirations. Simply put, our children are a product of who we are. May God help us!