Communication enthusiast who starts her days with exercises

Saturday September 21 2019

Joy Louise Tushabe

Joy Louise Tushabe 

By Gabriel Buule

Most people dread Monday blues but I always feel excited and energised each new week. I start my day with physical activity. I jog for 45 minutes before I prepare to go to work. At work, I attend a routine team meeting to map out weekly activities including office and field work.

I hit the gym every Tuesday morning before I go to work. Besides my routine work, I spend time reading books. This is one way I beat fatigue. Later in the day, I go for a movie.

This is the day I make a followup on the progress of my weekly activities to ensure that the goals set on Monday are cleared off my desk. After work, I catch up with friends. I have a couple of friends in the creative industry I convene with weekly to share and brainstorm business ideas.

I still attend to my routine work. I work out after work and later go to watch a live band performance. There are many spots around town, but I look out for one with a band.

I go to work and if I am in a good mood, I dance the night away.

I use this day to go to the American Resource Centre for some book searches and online research. In the afternoon, I head home to do housework. I can choose to visit my parents or spend time with friends.


This is the day I rest from all the hustles and bustles of the week. I go to church and spend the rest of the day sleeping and catching up on the weeks TV show- omnibuses. I also prepare for Monday.