Competitiveness amidst crisis

Saturday June 27 2020


By Charlotte Ninsiima

No doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the way we work. Many have lost jobs, others have been sent on forced leave without pay, some workers have been subjected to salary reductions and many have to learn to work from home. But how does one adjust to the new normal amidst this crisis and still stand out of the crowd?

Stay focused
Patrick Obita, the director of Manager Resource Centre says when people face uncertainities, they tend to veer off their their career paths. He says despite the crisis, people must stay focused on their career goals.

Share your knowledge or skills.
This is the perfect time for every worker out there to show that you are good at what you are doing. “Employers are constantly searching for solution providers and not problem generators. You should be able to prove to your employer that you are a dynamic and hardworking staff they cannot afford to lose. Provide new ideas on how problems can be solved. This is the only way you will stand out,” says Obita.
Obita advises people to make use of the available platforms share knowledge ontheir professions. This, he says, make one be the go-to-person and is an avenue to advance career. “There is nothing as valuable as sharing knowledge. You only need to be consistent with what you are doing,” says Obita.

Online trainings
So many online resources are giving away free courses. Moses Mbubi, the head of human capital at Stanbic Bank says, online courses and multiple skills help one to demonstrate creativity. “Be positive, solution driven and open minded. Agility is important. Take on more roles than what is stipulated in your contract,” he says.

Obita says: “Most times, we say we are connecting when in actual sense we need something from the person or group. That won’t bring you the desired response. As you network, let others see that you are helping them solve their problems and they will turn to yours,” says Obita.

Try this
Once a relationship is established and maintained, then you have a higher chance of seeking opportunities for career advancement. Do not to stick to your common circles, but get into those which might be unrelated to your career path to discover more more opportunities»