Creating your signature look

Saturday May 23 2020


By Gloria Haguma

Often times, our sense of style is determined by many factors such as comfort, tastes and preferences and sometimes the outfits our fashion role models wear.
However, there is more to fashion just the clothes we wear. People make conclusions about basing on what we wear everyday, although many never open up to us. This is why you ought to pay attention to your signature look.

Signature looks are a powerful charm that enhance branding. Creating a signature look is possibly one of the greatest ways of build a personal brand. As one of the oldest styling tricks in the book, if mastered well, a signature look can turn into an obsession.
However, getting around to having your own signature look isn’t as effortless as it seems. Between figuring out what area to create your signature on, and how to apply this in almost all your looks is easier said than done. But with a few twitches and a lot of practice, you can achieve it in the long run.

Keep your career in mind
Our jobs or professions occupy the longest time of our week. This is why your signature look will depend heavily on the kind of job you do daily or your profession.
Consider your signature look as your identity. Imagine what you will wear on a Monday to Friday on your way to office, to brunch with the girls on the weekend and to church on a Sunday.

Understand your body type
When it comes to fashion, it is important to know what suits and doesn’t suit your body.
If you are a petite person, oversized outfits may not work for you and this may make your look come off as overwhelming. If you are a plus size woman, look out for clothes that accentuate your looks.

Zero down to one piece
Trying to achieve a signature look could end up being monotonous, if outfits are not carefully selected. Focus on one outfit and let it be the basis of your signature look.
For instance, an accessory like a hat, sneakers, heels or even a head wrap can be your signature look. No matter what you choose, it will always be quite effortless to blend this in most of your ensembles.

Choose what is manageable
A signature look should be something that eventually becomes part of your identity. For instance, if you are choosing a suit as your signature look, you ought to have quite a number of them with different hues.
If you are not the kind who walks in closet packed with designer clothes and top stylists, it is advisable that you stick to something manageable.