I am a sportsman in love with marketing – Dennis Mbidde

Saturday February 1 2020


By Nicolas Akasula

Tell us about your sporting career.
I have played football since I was a child. The highlight of sports career was playing for SC Villa, Express FC, and Kajjansi United. Everytime sports Club Villa won a game, I would be the happiest person. Some of the outstanding achievements I have earned in sports include being sportsman of the year in St Mary’s College – Kisubi. I was the fastest person on that hill; in 100m, 200m, 400m, and relays; of 100 X 4, and 400x 4. Besides active sports, I have done administration work for sports.

Let’s talk marketing. What makes you tick as a marketer?
I have been marketing for the last 18 years. believe in hardwork, perseverance, and good customer care. I believe in listening to the customer and prioritising their needs. I will do everything to offer my customers an exceptional service. I believe in finding solutions to the needs of clients.
You are visibly a busy man. Do you find time for your family?
I am always away from home. It is even more challenging because my wife and I are working. It is sad that our children are raised by househelps. I leave home at 8am and return at 10pm. But whenever I get time, I spend quality time with my family. We need the money to raise these children. So, we do what we can and leave the rest to God.
How do you spend your free time?
I go out with my friends. But if I am home, I watch movies.
It is alleged that you harbour political ambitions. Is it true? What prompted you to join politics?
Yes, I have decided to join politics. I have been a leader all my life and I want to use this experience to serve the people of Rubaga South in Parliament.
What was your first date like?
I remember we went bar hopping.
What has been your best moment in sports?
When Villa won the Cecafa tournament in 1987, the Arsenal unbeaten run in 2004, and when Uganda qualified for African Cup of Nations after 40 years when I was the vice president of FUFA.