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The government has continually put its foot in its mouth. And just when you think it cannot get any worse, it does it again


The events happening in this country are like something out of a bad movie. Every time I listen to the news or read the papers I am dumbfounded about yet another crazy story.

And all of the drama that is playing out is being acted out by people we should be looking up to - the leaders of our country, that is both the government and the opposition. No one side is innocent. Both have their shortcomings. But I am disappointed with how the government is handling the issues as they unfold.

As a communicator I know that you can inflame or defuse a situation by a few carefully chosen words. So in situations like this where tensions are so high it is critical to say the right thing to set everyone at ease especially the masses. The government has continually put its foot in its mouth. And just when you think it cannot get any worse, it does it again.

What I cannot stand is not knowing when a situation will erupt into the kind of violence that has been gracing our screens lately. There are places I now avoid and would rather take a longer route. Unfortunately one of those places is near my boy’s school.

I wonder how many work hours are being spent discussing the current political situation. How much time is being spent on social media analysing and re-analysing what happened and what will happen in the future. If only our leaders would listen to the people they purport to serve.

Wouldn’t it be better for us all? And it is not just about listening. They should read the times and the mood of the people and make an informed decision of what needs to be done. This will be much better than the knee jerk reactions we are now getting accustomed to.

The one silver lining in all this is that it makes all my issues at work seem so insignificant. It seems so petty now to complain about my boss’ poor time keeping or less-than-desirous management skills or the poor work ethics in the office.

This pales in comparison to the bigger picture. How do we get everyone to agree on how the country should be run? What can we do to make sure that everyone feels represented in and by the government? How do we bring peace and order back into our beloved Pearl of Africa? Or will things get worse before they get better?

She had never apologized to me. So imagine the flow of emotions seeing her here laughing with her friends with no care in the world. I decided to leave the place as soon as I could catch my breath.


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