Dressing the small booty body type

Saturday June 27 2020


By Gloria Haguma

Everyone has that body part that worries them when it comes to shopping for outfits. It could be a larger bust, flabby upper arms (those give me the headaches personally) or it could be a barely-there-booty.
Unless you can afford to have that part enhanced to your satisfaction, chances are, you have to learn to live with it for the rest of your life. Now your concern should shift from worrying about it, to how to dress this body part the stylish way.
Today, we are discussing dressing the barely-there-booty. We all can’t be like Kim Kardashian West or Nicki Minaj, but we can dress up and look good, can’t we? Well, here is how you can change your style all together.

Anything shapeless has to go
The main goal is to flatter your area of discomfort. So wearing shapeless shirts, dresses or even coats will not help. Instead, opt for something that comes with some cinch at the waist area, some ruffles or pleats; anything that won’t fall flat on your bottom area.

Avoid loose-fitting garments
In concealing a body part, you need to go for clothing that enhances your body to give you an illusion of what you may not have. While you may think that wearing loose fitting clothes can hide your small booty, it instead makes it even more obvious. Look out for skimming dresses, which will enhance your hips and waist area. These come defined at the waist line, then flare, giving you an illusion of the hour glass figure. If you do opt for skirts, keep them fuller.
Also avoid over layering in the hope of covering up your smaller bottom all together. This eventually ends up making you look clogged and draws unnecessary attention, which you don’t need.

Emphasise your waist
Putting attention on your waistline is going to make it pop out more, drawing attention away to what you don’t have. Always go for outfits that put a lot of emphasis on your waist area. If it is a pair of jeans, keep them high waist. If it is a skirt, accessorise it with an elaborate waist belt. If you opt for dresses, have them cinched in and if you can, add a belt. Once your waist gets smaller, then your bottom will pop out more.

Invest in shape wear
The evolution in lingerie has made it possible for women to purchase lingerie and underwear that can enhance and shape up any body part. Investing in shape wear is a perfect idea to enhance your bottom, so your clothes don’t fall flat on your bottom. They also give the illusion of a perkier bottom that you may not even have.

Keep your clothing lighter
You may have been made to believe that wearing dark colours conceals that bottom that you are uncomfortable with. But this is not necessarily true. Instead of wearing darker shades, opt for pastel hues, like white, yellow, lilac, peach and other warm shades for your bottom. Whether it’s a pair of jeans, a skirt or even a pair of culottes, always wear them in a bright colour.