Easter reflections

Saturday April 20 2019


By Mark Kawalya

I had written something different for this week. Then, I remembered that this is Easter week, and I would need to be some kind of self-absorbed hedonistic fella not to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

When I was a kid, religious public holidays meant feasting. Man, we used to feast. We had these family get togethers with many cousins and all our mothers would take to the kitchen to cook like they were cooking for the last time.

Our fathers would sit in groups, drink beer and tell stories, which in my view had been told over and over again. Beer normally does that to people. Me with the boys would ride bikes and play soccer. The girls would play in the house and the babies would clutch dolls.

Religious holidays also gave us a much-appreciated break from school. Did you ever wish you didn’t have to read all those books you did when you were a child? I did. All the time. I still don’t understand why I had to study about those different hypotheses (I have forgotten all of them) I did in Physics. I have never used any of them as a graphics designer/ writer and I pretty much doubt I ever will. So as an adult, days like Easter and Christmas do give me something to think about.

This Easter, I am thinking about all the excuses I have been making lately for not consistently reading my bible. There are people out there that read their bibles consistently each day. How do you do that? Who grew you? And while at it, also tell me who bewitched the rest of us that don’t.

I mean how do you manage to go through a whole day of 12 hours busy with life’s demands and fail to take fifteen minutes to read your bible? If that is not witchraft, I don’t know what it is. This baffles me because I am that guy that gets caught up with the demands of daily living. So as we go through the celebrations of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, ask yourself what you need to be doing as a real Christian that you are not doing.


But also this is an opportunity to spend time with your family. Go visit that ageing uncle that raised you. Invite your parents to your home so they can spend Easter with their grandchildren. Let the risen Christ remind us of the truly important things in life.