Everything worthwhile begins with a daunting process

Saturday May 11 2019

Min Atek

Min Atek 

By Min Atek

I can still see myself on my knees in grandmother’s kitchen blowing hard and yet all that came out from the fireplace was smoke, causing my eyes to tear.

I blew again and after what seemed like forever, a small fire appeared much to my delight. I blew once more and soon the fire was blazing.

That is the picture that appeared to me as I was attempting to make sense of the current situation. Everything starts with a process and the process is not necessarily pleasant.

Recently, I visited a site of a friend who is planning a customised resort, in a forest deep down in some seemingly remote area.

When you look at the place now, all you will see are the trees and bushes. And yet the owner who sees the end holds a different view.
Often times, I have comforted myself through the process focusing on the future when the picture will be complete.

There was a season when parenting was exasperating. Back then, we often received summons from school about the many things that were not going right.

Things kept going southward. At times, the grades were not adding up or the child was just too playful or had a bad attitude.
I remember feeling that perhaps mine was the worst child not only in school but on the entire planet.

Then I remembered that I had had notorious classmates who over the years have grown into responsible folks. Some of the naughtiest individuals are quite amazing people at present.
The process grew them into what they are today.

The sun always comes out even after the darkness of the night. The rain eventually stops falling.
The fire finally jumps out if you have set the wood right and you keep blowing.

Now I look at how much we have grown. The self drive and initiative from the very children who previously were only and always in trouble. It’s a beautiful sight to behold.

It feels like seeing the resort come to life right before my eyes.
The bushes are no more and all I see is neatly aligned palm trees. The flowers are blossoming and the grass is neatly cut.

And therein lies the lesson. I should not cry about the process, I can sing and dance even in the rain.