Fascinating ways to fill up kitchen walls

Saturday May 11 2019

Got bare kitchen walls? There are lots of ideas

Got bare kitchen walls? There are lots of ideas for a perfect look to your kitchen. NET PHOTO. 

By Gloria Kawuma

Yes. I am in my right state of mind. For those whom my first statement answers the question that first popped in your mind after reading the title. I can imagine that many of you thought that this was not something worth considering.
Besides hanging towels, ladles, aprons and duty rostas, how else can the walls be put to a better use? It is on rare occasions that guests will have access to the kitchen.
In a typical African setting, the kitchen is not a spot to hang out from, where people gather, chat and eat good food like it is in the Western world.
Entertaining guests is an activity handled in the living room. The kitchen is somewhat a private space.
Enhancing kitchen walls would work, especially for medium to big sized kitchens.
In small kitchens, most of the wall space will be utilised by installing storage units.

Here are a few ideas

Clocks. Instead of relying on mobile phones or having to run to the dining room, living room to check the time, to set a timer for baking or cooking, have one wall clock on your kitchen wall. They come in themes of kitchen utensils like; pans, plates or fruit shapes.

Decorative plates. These are fun items to fill up space on kitchen walls. You can handle this from different angles by colour, sizes, shape and design.

Herbs. These are grown in glass jars or containers placed on wooden floating shelves are another great idea. Not only will they bring some green and freshness into the room but the herbs add aroma to this kitchen space.

Stencil art
This is another unique way of livening up your walls. I am not referring to flowers, leaves and vines stencils but funny words or food for thought phrases and f amily slogans that will liven the mood of those that get access to your kitchen.
I hope these suggestions triggered some more ideas that suit your style.