How they got ready for the red carpet

Sunday December 10 2017

Malaika Nnyanzi chose a pretty dress (L) and

Malaika Nnyanzi chose a pretty dress (L) and Glitter is trending now  

By Hassan Ssentongo

The inaugural Pearl of Africa fashion awards was held last Saturday evening at Sky Beach, Freedom City. As usual, the event kicked off with a red carpet moment which had celebrities and fashionistas showing off new styles.
Getting ready to walk the red carpet is no easy feat, so we tasked a number of celebrities to dish details on how they got ready for the event.

Brenda Nanyonjo
“I got the invitation really late, so I had to come up with something to wear on short notice. I walked into Sylvia Owori’s store at Garden City where I found this beautiful dress on sale. It was not just any dress though. It is from Sylvia Owori’s ‘Gold and Dust’ collection which she did nine years ago.
By then, I was working with her and we went to Cape Town fashion week to showcase the collection. I later wore the dress to an event in the US where I was representing Sylvia Owori.
Nine years later, the dress still fitted me like a glove. I decided to wear it. Hair and makeup is my own.”

Crystal Newman
“For the red carpet I chose this two-piece that features a voluminous skirt. It is by Sham Tyra, a new designer. I opted for cropped curls done at Chris of Friend Salon. My makeup was done by Connie.”

Deedan Muyira
“My dress is from Glitz by Nalu, a new fashion brand in Kampala. I fell in love with it immediately I spotted it on the rack. This giant bow is everything. My hair was coiffed by Zziwa of Hair by Zziwa. He used I do not know how many pins to fix it. Makeup is by Imani Makeup.”

Malaika Nnyanzi
“I wanted to come here and have fun. I opted for a pretty dress instead of a gown. It is by Malaika and Ethel, which is a collaboration between Ethel and I. I also wanted a simple makeup do, which Mona offered. My curly locks were done by Sonia. I always plan the head-to-toe look prior and prefer that every detail suits my personal style.”

Michelle Omamteker
“I had this outfit made by a friend Juliana of Kori House of Couture. Then hair and makeup by Alpha Salon. I wanted to have fun, so I let the experts worry about the details of my look.”
Nafuna Grace Amarachi
“I had to give my look a lot of thought beforehand. I wanted to look trendy and different this time. After all, everyone is going to wear a gown on the red carpet. I got these thigh high glitter boots from Glitz by Nalu. I wore them with this black vest to let the boots shine on their own. I accessorised the look with a Chanel 5 clutch.
Glitter is so trendy right now. These boots are trendy as well. And, of course this clutch is trendy too. This is everything I wanted and I put it together.”