“I am a man of prayer”- Kisakye

Saturday July 14 2018

David Bellion Kisakye

David Bellion Kisakye is a freelance film maker, a soccer fan and a man with a simple smile. COURTESY PHOTO 


Tell us about yourself
My name is David Bellion Kisakye. I am a 25-year-old Ugandan film-maker. I am the third born in a family of eight children.

How did you end up in film production, is it by passion or academics?
I have always had the passion for the visual arts and that is why I had to attend film school (Kampala Film school). I enrolled for a three-year course at the university.

Are you attached to a company or working as an individual?
I am a freelance film-maker though attached to different film production companies. I am working as both a freelance cinematographer (camera person) and an editor. I work with Kampala Film School, Ebony Hue, Murahworks Films, Ola Visuals, Magic Films, Ivad Productions, Nabwiso Films and Savanna Moons, among others.

Are you in a relationship or married?
I am in relationship with a beautiful Ugandan woman. We have no children.

What kind of women are you attracted to?
I am attracted to women with class. I love a woman who has vision. The looks or physical appearance is an added advantage.

What would turn you off in a woman?
One major thing that would turn me off about a woman is having an idle mind and excessive love for outings, I just hate it with a passion.

What has been your worst relationship experience?
It was way back in school when I failed to approach the girl I had wanted to be my girlfriend.
Did you set relationship goals at the beginning of this year? How far are you?
Not really... I am a man of prayers, I believe everything happens in its due time.

Talking about women celebrities, which one do you crush on and why?
I crush on Beyoncé, but I am also willing to bond over our mutual disappointment that she is not available.

How do you handle challenges that are related to your career?
I talk to people that have been there before me. I talk to my friends in the same circle of work but most of all, I pray.
I know and believe prayer is powerful.

What are some of your best films so far?
I love African Child (an award winner in Uganda film festival 2015), The Last Breath (an award winner in 2016) and Idi Amin’s Boat, among others

How do you keep attractive and in shape?
(Laughs)….. About shape, I do gym workouts at least twice a day. I eat lots of fruits and laugh a lot.

How do you spend your free time?
I spend my free time mostly with my boys. We hang out at the shores of Lake Victoria in Ggaba and Munyonyo.
I love pool and I play the game at least three days a week. I am also a soccer fan and a big supporter of Manchester United.

How would you react if a woman asked for a one night stand?
(Laughs) pauses a bit.... I guess I am shy. I think I would be speechless.

Should you know a woman intimately before marriage?
Well why not... why should I be making the same mistakes our great grandfathers made?

What do women like most about you?
Women love my hair, body composure and my simple smile.

Education background
David Bellion Kisakye went to Ananda Marga Mission School, an Indian school in Lugazi for my primary education. He joined Lugazi Homeland College for O-Level and completed his secondary education at Seroma Christian High School in Mukono in 2012.

He later enrolled at Kampala University for a year to pursue a certificate in Mass communication since it was one of the requirements for joining the filming school.
He crowned his studies with a Bachelor’s degree in Film at Kampala Film School in 2016 after studying for four years.