I intend to have 15 children – Mr Mosh

Saturday September 7 2019

Mosh Ssendikaddiwa, alias Mr Mosh. Courtesy

Mosh Ssendikaddiwa, alias Mr Mosh. Courtesy photo 

By Nicolas Akasula

KNIGHT: Mosh Ssendikaddiwa, alias Mr Mosh, is a reknowned radio and TV personality. His love for rapping during his shows is unrivalled. Saturday Monitor’s Nicolas Akasula had a chat with him.

How do you describe yourself?

I am an East African, award winning Radio, TV and events host. I am a proud father. I am currently pursuing a public relations and communications course.
I am an entrepreneur and a social activist who is passionate about fighting for the rights of children and the youth.

Where did you train to do rapping?
I grew up watching Jamaican dancehall icons such as Beenie Man, Sean Paul, Mr Vegas, Buju Banton, and Goofy Chant, rapping over dancehall instrumentals.
I fell in love with the music genre. Back home, artistes like Raga Dee, Shanks Vivie Dee and Kid Fox inspired me.

How long have you been doing this work?
I got into the entertainment industry when I was 15.

Besides music and broadcasting, what else do you do?
I do not do music as a career. It is part of what I do when I am on stage, as an events host and on air.
To answer your question, I run a public relations and events company. I also undertake charity work under my non-profit organisation-Fun4Charity.


What is the most adorable thing about your job?
Work feels like play time. I am doing something that I am passionate about.

Are you married?
I will marry in future.

Is it true that celebrities are womanisers who hardly settle?

Womanising has got nothing to do with one’s occupation, race, religion, tribe, or fame. Famous people have lots of admirers and most times, that is where it all ends.

What is the most ridiculous thing someone has ever said about you?
One clueless journalist once wrote that I was spotted somewhere very drunk. I could not help laughing after reading the story.

Do you ever read books?
I read lots of books. I am a communicator and reading is a lifestyle. My two favourite books are: Beyond Powerful Radio by Valerie Geller and Treating Small Businesses by Dr Innocent Nahabwe.

What is the most challenging thing about being a presenter?
As a presenter, one must prepare for the show. This involves doing research, acquainting yourself with current affairs from near and far. Talking to people requires one to be informed all the time.

How do you handle female fans who stalk you?
I talk to them like friends, especially those online. Those that try to push harder, get politely ignored. In reality, it is a simple hi and I speed off. I am a very shy person off stage and off air.

What is your worst habit?
I have a tendency of criticising social media bullies who try to discredit me online. I do not like this habit but sometimes it is very necessary.

Does Mosh have any big plans?
Career wise: I see myself mentoring, teaching and offering consultancy services, and skills development to the next generation of presenters, Emcees, artistes and other talents as a way of giving back to the community. Personally, I intend to be married with 15 children and I will establish an orphanage that houses and skills children in need. For the nation, I will be running for a political office. I will be actively involved in seeking solutions to the deep rooted challenges of the 21st Century facing Uganda.