Innocent Nkuyahaga: I am obsessed with neatness

Saturday July 20 2019


By Charlotte Ninsiima

5:30am finds me having personal prayers. At 6am, I prepare to go to work. I get my son ready for school and agree on the day’s menu.
I leave for work at 7am. The first thing I do is wear on-site shoes, take a site walk with the resident engineer and contractor around construction projects to identify any issues pertaining quality. This takes about an hour. I later convene a meeting with different teams such as monitoring and evaluation, architects and contractors.
I do procurement, negotiating, supervising, reviewing, monitoring and plan for site meetings. At 5pm, we review the site again to check on progress. Due to my schedule, I hardly watch TV. I spend time doing homework with my son as well as share the day’s stories during dinner time.

Besides routine work, we have a staff review meeting to plan for the week, every Tuesday. It is also the day we receive buyers. We take them around to the showrooms of the villas and apartments. My work is to answer technical questions.
I go for consultancy meetings from 2pm-4pm, in town. This is the day I run all the banking errands. I also attend the board of director meetings in Nairobi.

Every second week of the month, we meet full project teams. We focus on quality and progress of the work done, by having a full site visit for review.

I chair and sit on the executive posts of two investment clubs that include Platinum fund and The Mayday Group (TMG) to discuss and make decisions on investments and business.

I attend to my children’s school events. This is when I get time to do general cleaning at home. This is the only day I go for a hairdo and manicure. I also shop for my family, meet up with friends and go for gym.

I prepare breakfast and we head to church. In the afternoon, I go for a walk in the neighborhood. Sitting in my beautiful garden of flowers as I sip on a cup of tea is one of the best Sunday moments.


I love reading inspirational and self help books by Joyce Meyer such as ‘The confident Woman’, ‘Look Great, Feel Great’, ‘I dare you.’

I love a clean and organised environment whether it’s at home or at work. I am a neatfreak who wants to find stuff where I left it.